+ How can Thirty-Three help me find a job?

Thirty-Three operates slightly differently than other recruitment agencies. We maintain a selective network of professionals and do not have job vacancies published on our website. If you’re interested in being part of our network, you can register with us through our portal.

When registering, we ask you to upload your resume and provide additional information such as your ambitions, specific job preferences, and availability. Once a suitable vacancy arises, we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

+ What is Thirty-Three's approach?

We personally speak to all our candidates, either in person or via a video call, before making an introduction to our clients. During this conversation, we uncover your ambitions and what you are looking for in terms of job substance. If there is a suitable vacancy available at that time, we will, with your permission, introduce you to the client.

Throughout the application process, we provide guidance in all aspects. We prepare you for the interviews, ensuring that you are well-informed when attending the discussions. We also offer assistance with salary negotiations and can handle them entirely on your behalf if needed.


+ What kind of candidates does Thirty-Three mediate?

We specialise in commercial positions within the creative sector and with creative brands. The function groups we are currently active in are marketing, sales, project & account services. We mediate candidates from mid-level to young executive level with a gross annual compensation ranging from €45,000 to €120,000.

+ How does Thirty-Three work?

Click here for more information about our approach.

+ Does Thirty-Three mediate both permanent and freelance/interim positions?

Currently, we only mediate for positions in permanent employment.

+ What does it cost to work with Thirty-Three?

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