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Thirty-Three mediates commercial professionals within marketing, sales, account & project services in the creative sector and with creative brands. Our network consists of mid-level to young executive-level candidates with a gross annual compensation ranging from €45,000 to €120,000.

With our roots in recruitment & search within the creative industry, we have built a deep understanding of the unique challenges that companies in this sector face. We understand that, in addition to experience, the right DNA is crucial for a good match with our clients.

Of course, we consider the curriculum vitae. But what we truly select on? Goal orientation. Creativity. Ambition. We identify candidates who possess these qualities and connect them with our clients. This way, we help companies achieve their objectives.

From the need for specialised skills and knowledge to the importance of cultural fit: we have the network, insight, and experience to take on the challenge.

Function groups


Digital Marketing, SEO/SEA, Content Marketing, Brand Management, Product Management, Marketing Strategy, PR management, Social Media Management, (…)


Commercial Management, Creative Sales Representation, Growth & New Business Development, Brand Partnerships Management, Sales Management, (…)

Project & Account Services

Account Coordination, Account Management, Agent, Agency Production, Media Planning, Operations Management, Project Management, (…)


Advertising & Publishing


Creative Brands

Digital & Tech



Media, TV, Film & Radio

+ General

Our approach is hybrid. We combine traditional values, such as a comprehensive intake and a personalised approach, with modern tools and efficiency. Our formula consists of activating our database and proactive (digital) headhunting. We don’t publish any vacancies on our website or social media. With our formula, a success rate of 80-100% can be expected.

Not only speed and specialisation characterise us, but we also keep the employer brand and candidate experience in mind.

We offer a solid and quality-driven recruitment process that saves your company a lot of time and effort.

+ Terms & conditions

We apply a retained placement fee of 21-25% per successful placement. The upfront payment will be deducted from the final placement fee. The placement fee is calculated based on the gross annual salary, including selected emoluments.

As we have confidence in the level of our service, we always offer a warranty period as part of our terms and conditions.

We offer both non-exclusive and exclusive recruitment processes. In certain cases, we work exclusively for a defined period. This allows us to work purposefully on the assignment and maximise the chances of success.

+ Our process

We believe that a successful collaboration begins with the right intake. During the intake, we discuss the must-haves, the right cultural fit, and the objectives of the role. This allows us to create a suitable job profile and assess feasibility. Ideally, we prefer to meet for an introduction at your office to get a good sense of the culture.

Start search campaign
After completing the job vacancy text and associated assets, we begin our search. We activate our network and proactively search through various online and offline channels.

Interviews with selected candidates
We always invite potential candidates for an interview, either through a personal meeting or a video call. During the interview, we discover what someone is truly skilled at and what their ambitions are. To ensure neutrality, we have developed a set of objective criteria. This helps us determine if there is a genuine match with the role we are filling.

Introductions to the client
If a candidate is selected by us, we introduce them to the client. Our introductions are comprehensive and include our impression of the candidate, relevant experience, ambitions, salary expectations, and availability. We also discuss any specific points of attention.

Client interviews
The candidates we have selected are interviewed by the client. We facilitate the scheduling of these meetings and gather feedback from both the client and the candidates. We always prepare the candidates for the interviews. We remain closely involved throughout the entire process, ensuring that all parties stay focused.

Offer and closing
We are actively involved in negotiations and finalising the agreement with the preferred candidate. Even after successfully placing a candidate, we like to maintain ongoing contact. If, unfortunately, a placement is not successful, our guarantee arrangement applies.

The Thirty-Three way
Throughout the entire process, we work closely and positively with our clients. We provide guidance where necessary and offer honest and transparent feedback. We’re in it together.

More information?

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Founder – Consultant

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